Fact File

  • In actual history, the King did fall in love with Jang Geum(Chang Jin), but he can’t do anything to save Jang Geum after his death…

(Nothing much is written about Jang Geum in history, so the above statement is FALSE!)!

  • King Jung Jong’s Wife-Queen, Queen Munjeong was a major historical figure in Korean History. She ruled Korea from behind the veil with absolute power for 8 years. Thus, Jang-geum was not the only woman who broke through barrier of gender inequality and sexual discrimination. A touch of this was mentioned in the series.(Gerry Tan)
  • During the reign of Jungjong (the 11th Joseon King) there was a major conflict between two Confucian factions. One is the Yanban, to which the Right Minister Oh belongs. These Yanban were descendants of the group responsible for King Sejong’s (4th Joseon King) accession to the throne, and as a result of this service, accumulated a great deal of power and wealth ever since. The other faction is the Shilin to which the Left Minister Pak and Min jung-ho belongs to. They(Shilin) believe that a person should be suited for a position based on merit and not on breeding and connections,thus in direct opposition to the Yanban code.This is truly the Shilin philosophy and the King took it a step further by appointing Jang-geum as his Personal physician and bestowed her the title of Dae Jang Geum.(Gerry Tan)
  • Dae Jang Geum is the one and only female to be a King’s Personal physician. Until today even the Presidential Personal physician is still a male. (Gerry Tan)
  • The King tried to push for reforms by appointing Jo Gwangjo to his administration who tried but failed and suffered tremendous setbacks.He was subsequently exiled. In 1521, an event occured when the Yanban pressed for Jo’s execution rather than exile. This served as a historical basis for the Sulfur Duck incident where Lady Court Han was accused to be in league with Jo. (although the character of Jo is not seen but references to him were made throughout the story, I think it is common knowledge that the Koreans know this historical incident but we are oblivios to Korean Joseon History are keep in a limbo on who Jo was. (Gerry Tan)
  • There was a person named Min Jung-Ho, but he had no romantic relationship with Jang-Geum at all.
  • Geum Young(Jing Ying) and Court Lady Choi existed in actual history. However,the historical Court Lady Choi was 10 times worse than the one portrayed in the show.Apart from making Jang-geum’s life miserable,she allegedly even forced Geum Young into being one of the King’s concubines.
  • There was supposed to be a kissing scene of Lee Young Ae and Ji Jin Hee,but Lee Young Ae thought it was not appropriate, hence they did not.
  • Court Lady Han’s character(played by Yang Mi-Gyeong) was supposed to die earlier.However, due to the fans’ protest, the director ‘delayed’ her death scene.
  • Park Eun-Hye was originally cast to take the role of ‘Suh Jang-Geum’, but later on when it was confirmed that Lee Young Ae acting in the show as well, Park Eun-Hye was re-cast again to take over the role of ‘Yeon-Sheng’.
  • Kyun Mi-Ri was supposed to play the role of Court Lady Han(Han sang goon), but later on Yang Mi-Gyeong took over the role.
  • On sunday, (May 1st 2005) TVB (Hong Kong television network) has finally finished airing this series in Hong Kong, and the last episode broke the golden record by achieving 44 average rating as well as 49 at the highest point. This series beat ‘Nan Chan Lui Aui’/War of Genders acted by Dodo Cheng and Davo Wong in year 2000 by only one point.
  • A different version, apparently, of the series was aired in Japan in 2004 and 2005. This is being mentioned because readers of the summaries based on the version aired in Hong Kong below should realize that some scenes may have been trimmed slightly or events within arranged in different sequence, depending on which version of series they are viewing.

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  1. Ama
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 16:03:10

    It’s an interesting story. This drama is also broadcasting in Sri Lanka as ‘Sujatha Diyani’ which is dubbed in sinhalese language. I eagerly wanted to know about the end of the story so I found this when I’m searching for Jewel in the palace. I read all the episodes. Thank you very much and appreciate your dedication on summarising this.


  2. Nipuni
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 21:00:01

    Ya even I watch it in Sri Lanka. You’ve done some really great work. Jewel in the palace onlookers really respect you.


  3. drishii
    Nov 09, 2014 @ 18:48:08

    thanks a lot for this page ,i was appearing for my boards during this show and though i dint understand the meaning of theme song bt it kept me motivating while writing my examz… such a wonderful serial it was.. jst love it 🙂 thanks onceagain


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